Insisive Cloud now supports Azure Spot VMs!

Posted By:insisivecloud
Posted on:04 Jan 2021

Insisive Cloud goes multi-Cloud and supports Azure VMs

Excited to announce the preview release of multi-Cloud capabilities with support for Microsoft Azure Spot Virtual Machines (VMs).

Azure Spot Virtual Machines

Azure announced the general availability of spare capacity usage (Spot VMs) in May 2020. Spot VMs are available at steep discounts compared to regular VMs. However, their prices vary based on demand and supply, and Azure can evict them with a 30-second notice when it needs the capacity. Insisive Cloud helps leverage this excess capacity enabling Azure customers to obtain enterprise-level SLA along with cost savings.

Until now, customers can utilize Azure Spot VMs for a limited set of use cases such as stateless workloads that can sustain data loss and other VM configurations.

Where can I use Spot Virtual Machines

Insisive Cloud extends this capability to various use cases such as

  • Dev/Test
  • Stateless
  • Container-based workloads
  • Big Data and Batch oriented workloads with 1-click automation. Customers will need to create via Insisive cloud or convert their existing workloads. From then on, Insisive Cloud seamlessly handles spot monitoring, automated provisioning in case of termination of Spot VM while preserving data/ VM configurations.

Other features in Insisive Cloud for Azure

In addition to spot management, Insisive Cloud supports

  • Schedulers for start /stop VMs on a flexible schedule
  • Seamless integration with Azure Advisor
  • Automated cost governance across multiple resources. These provide a comprehensive set of infrastructure optimization capabilities to the customers to leverage Azure better.

Try it now at and sign up with your Azure account

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