Reduce Storage Costs on S3 by 80% with Insisive Cloud

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Posted on:18 Nov 2020

Reduce S3 Storage Costs by up to 80% – No analysis required!

AWS S3 offers virtually unlimited storage on the cloud at millisecond latency and is the bedrock of a wide variety of storage needs. To support a variety of usage scenarios, S3 supports 6 storage classes with different storage and cost characteristics from the default S3 Standard to ultra-low-cost Deep Archive storage.  As can be seen below, each storage class comes with a different SLA and costs associated.  

Great! Can I simply use the lower-cost tiers to reduce storage costs?

The short answer – not quite.

Many a time, using optimum storage is based on analysis of the following questions

  1. How frequently are the objects in storage accessed?
  2. What is the size of the objects?
  3. Performance of retrieval of the objects
  4. Durability and Redundancy of storage required
  5. Cost of the storage tier
  6. How long are the objects without being accessed?  

Really? Why do we need to do all of this?

The different storage classes have different pricing. Some tiers have retrieval fees , a minimum number of days in a storage tier, minimum object tier.  So if we move some data to a different storage class and try to retrieve it soon, you will end up spending more than keep in the default storage class.

How can I get this information?

AWS provides tools like AWS Inventory, S3 Analytics to understand the data inventory, data storage, retrieval, and S3 access logs for analyzing the usage patterns.

Based on the data gathered, calculate the costs based on object size, retrieval costs, costs related to API requests, derive recommendations on which is the best storage class for an object looking at the durability, redundancy, and retrieval performance, and the likelihood of access.

If all of this looks like a lot of heavy lifting, it is!

Factors affecting Storage optimization. Image courtesy: AWS

Storage optimization is a fully automated solution from Insisive Cloud helps reduce storage costs by 80% by doing all the heavy lifting and advanced analytics to Monitor, analyze, recommend, and implement the recommendations without any user intervention across all 6 storage classes, no minimum object size.

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