Five Pillars of AWS Cloud Cost Optimization

Posted By:insisivecloud
Posted on:23 Jun 2019

The growing popularity of Cloud Computing brings with it a flood of operating costs that continue unchecked in most businesses. The reason why cloud costs get out of hand is that businesses never learn to exploit cloud economics or configurations required for cloud cost optimisation. Companies are scrambling for multi cloud cost optimisation solutions while losses soar. ‘Cloud Spending’ may be growing into an uncontrolled monster’ .

Realising the full potential of the Cloud is a challenge for any business. There is more to cost optimisation in cloud computing than merely understanding their ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ pricing models. Users continue to waste 30%-45% of their Cloud Spend which is why the solution lies in the software of cloud cost optimisation tools.

Five Pillars of AWS Cloud Cost Optimization

insisive cloud: pillars of AWS cost optimization

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