Organizations have altogether reduced their TCOs by migrating from on premise to cloud. Despite of it, ending up with a surprising bill at the end of the cycle has become a fairly common problem. To solve this, companies must come up with cloud cost optimization strategies to identify unutilized resources and services through various cloud cost optimization tools and techniques.

Cloud Wastage: A Top Challenge for all

Cloud cost optimization is a top challenge facing by the enterprises across the globe and cloud users continue to underestimate the amount of wasted cloud spend. According to a report by cloud computing survey, 35% is measured as cloud wastage whereas the respondents estimated their self wastage as 27% and the additional wastage reported 8%.

Cloud Cost management

If you can be insisive cloud enough, you may save up to 70% of your cloud cost keeping in mind just a few things.

Here we go!

Rightsizing & Increasing Elasticity to Reduce Cloud Cost

To result in less wastage, using more small instances are better than using fewer large instances. For example, consider for a single workload –

Iinsisive - Visibility Dashboard
Choose the smallest possible instances that meets your requirement because you can always scale horizontally.

Workload Scheduling

Quite often overlooked, work scheduling is the quickest way to drive lower costs in your organization.

For example, if you have an instance.

  • Running 24×7, you pay 100% cost of the instance
  • Running 24×5 (only during weekdays), you pay 70% cost of the instance
  • Running 12×5 (turning it off during nights as well), you pay 35% cost of the instance
  • Running 10×5 (Only business hours), you pay 30% cost of the instance

You can save upto 70% for non production workloads with workload scheduling. insisive cloud will help you gain visibility to manage idle resources with its schedule based suspend/resume of compute resources.–

Custom start and stop scheduler
  • Works with EC2 and RDS instances
  • Multiple schedules per instance

Note: When an instance isn’t running in AWS, you don’t have to pay.–

Picking up the right pricing model

To put pricing into perspective, understand this –

Cloud Cost management

The lowest Reserved Instance price (3-year All Upfront Reserved Instances) are around 30% of the on-demand price (for the r3.8xlarge). The average spot price is in general about 30% cheaper than the best priced Reserve Instance.

However, spot prices changes in markets based on supply and demand and hence may exceed your bid.

insisive cloud simplifies using Spot / RI / OnDemand instances for your applications. No need to understand about spot pricing, bidding strategies and understand AZ rebalancing techniques.

Simply specify how you want to balance cost and availability for your application and you are done.

Getting started with InsisiveCloud is quick and simple. insisive cloud has been optimizing cloud infrastructure and saving users up to 60% . We will be glad to serve you, just drop an email- or give us a missed call on +91 730 365 6936.