Insisive Cloud AWS EC2 Scheduler

The EC2 scheduler is an ideal feature for any organization aiming to control its AWS resources and optimize EC2 costs. No need to develop any scripts. With the ability to turn off non-production instances when they are not required, users have better control on their spend by paying for what is used.

It’s the same as any other on demand pay per use resource – Power, Water. Don’t waste your instances, and your money, when taking 5 minutes to configure an EC2 scheduler can do the savings for you.

In addition to providing EC2 scheduler, Insisive Cloud provides other features like RDS Scheduler, Security Governance and using Spot Instances effectively to gain upto 60% savings of your AWS bills.

Create One EC2 Scheduler or More

The EC2 scheduler can cater to as many different schedules as are required – A very handy feature if you have instances deployed in multiple regions or if you want to target different machines with different environments/ business groups/ applications based on Tags and AWS Region.

How Much Can an EC2 Scheduler Save?

If you currently run all your EC2 instances on demand and 24×7 , this feature can result in up to 70% cost savings for those instances that are only necessary for 10 hours ( during regular hours of work) (weekly utilization reduced from 168 hours to 50 hours).

But Wait: What about AWS Instance Scheduler

Amazon also provides AWS Instance Scheduler. However, there is no UI and any modifications require code changes. It also requires knowledge of DynamoDb, Lambda, cloud formation etc. It doesn’t support RDS Scheduling.

If you’re looking for an alternative to writing your own scripts and quickly save upto 60% costs, try Insisive Cloud.

Getting started with InsisiveCloud is quick and simple. insisive cloud optimizes cloud infrastructure and saves users up to 60% of Cloud Costs. We will be glad to serve you, just drop an email- .