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20% of Savings

  • AWS

    Workload management with Spot Instances
    – Standalone EC2
    – Auto Scaling groups
    – EKS clusters
    – EMR clusters

  • Storage Optimization for S3

  • Schedulers for EC2 & RDS

  • Right Size EC2 and RDS instances

  • Cost Governance
    Free Integration :
    – Security Governance
    – Preconfigured Cost reporting

  • Azure

    Workload management with Spot VMs
    Schedulers for Virtual Machines
    Free Integration:
    – Azure Advisor Recommendations
    – Cost Reporting integration
    – Azure Inventory


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Billing and Pricing

Actual Savings are calculated in the following manner:

Spot Instances: Savings is the ondemand to spot cost difference of the instance type for the period the instance is running.

Schedulers: Compute cost saved for as long as the instance was stopped.

Unused/underutilized resources: Cost saved per month by terminating/stopping/deleting the resource.

Right Sizing: Cost saved per month by down sizing the instance to a lower instance type.

You can at any time cancel your subscription and can use the product until the end of the billing period. You will not be charged from the next billing cycle.
Insisive stops managing the resources that were being managed by the platform. It is adviced that you revert all Auto Scaling Groups and Standalone EC2 Instances before you cancel your subscription. This will ensure that there are no insisive managed spot instances that may get orphaned due to spot interruption.
The initial trial period/Free tier ensures there is good understanding of the product. If you are unsure of the duration, please choose monthly plans. However, We DO NOT offer any refunds for the subscription already purchased.

Various pricing plans exist.

Most of them have fixed Monthly/Annual subscription charges and based on the plan you have acceess to features and Insisive will manage a fixed number of resources for you.

Outcome based pricing model where you pay a standard monthly charge of 433 or 20% of you total monthly savings which ever is higher.

Custom fixed pricing options available as part of Enterprise Plans. Please contact your Insisive Sales Representative or drop in a mail at to get a custom quote and we will contact you within 3 business days.

Getting Started
We need only limited set of permissions for select AWS services at the time signup and these are available for review. This can be revoked from your end at any time. We cannot access your environment/resources once the access is revoked. Specifically, our permissions does not allow us to log into your compute / database resources. Our permission set is restricted to provisioning of infrastructure and collecting cost and usage metrics of your AWS account. We use cross account delegate access of AWS with a limited permission set. This is the prescribed mechanism by AWS for third party access to the AWS environment.
The self signup process should take about 15 minutes and you are set. You can import your existing Auto Scaling groups with 1-click import. You should be able to see potential savings and Right Sizing results in a few hours after initial sign in.
The standard package comes included with next day business day email support as standard with same day email support for critical issues. Please contact insisive for additional options for enterprise level SLA.
Our stated goal is to make your DevOps focus on your core business and leave the Cloud complexity to us. Insisive Cloud is designed to be a self service platform and typically within 1-2 hours of using the system, your team members should be self sufficient in using Insisive Cloud for AWS provisioning. The 1-click automation should help in reducing the level of knowledge needed to operate AWS to nominal levels as we handle the heavy lifting. We are constantly working in adding self help articles to make it easier.
Yes! All Plans start with a 15 day free Trial!!