Right Sizing Infrastructure

While your infrastructure may be complex, managing its efficiency doesn’t have to be. Right-sizing is the technique of looking at all your AWS cloud services and ensuring that you are provisioning what your application will actually use.

Right sizing your infrastructure can lead to significant cost savings as you start to cut wasted spending and build a leaner, scalable cloud infrastructure. insisive cloud’s right sizing recommendation feature allows you to optimize cost by building and scaling your cloud infrastructure tightly around your needs.

Cloud cost optimization has become a pragmatic need for organizations now as we can understand by looking at this published report –

Rightscale 2019 State of the Cloud Report

Companies plan to spend 24% more on public cloud in 2019 vs 2018. The #1 priority in 2019 is cloud cost optimization for 3rd year in a row.

Rightsizing your instances is the most effective way of achieving a significant cost saving on your cloud bills.

Right Sizing

Right sizing means choosing the most cost-effective instance for your workload. For example, say you have done a lift and shift, and in your lift and shift environment, you need 16 GB of memory (RAM) for your application. To afford this, you need quite a large instance and hence might be costing you a lot of money.

Let’s say you have purchased a m4.4x large EC2 instance costing you $0.888 per hour. Next, you monitor CPU, RAM, disk, network etc using any resource monitoring tool like insisive cloud. You might come up with insights that you have workload on only a selective few days of the month. Hence, then you rightsize it and bring down the capacity of your EC2 instances by selecting a m4.large instance at $0.111 per hour. You save 80% on costs!

How To RightSize with insisive cloud?

There are 3 steps to get effective results by rightsizing –

  1. Termination
  2. RightSizing
  3. Leveraging RIs
1. Termination

Terminate EC2 instances with minimal utilization. Identify low-use instance candidates for termination based on your low utilization criterion. You can define what utilization mean to you based on different metrics such as –

  • Uptime (hours)
  • CPU utilization avg
  • CPU utilization max
  • Disk usage, etc.
2. Right Size

Resources should be rightsized logically by workload to get the most effective infrastructure setup. You can customize your rationalization grouping by –

  • Auto Scaling Groups (ASGs)
  • Tag grouping

Now that you have organized your resources by workload, you can use insisive cloud’s rightsizing recommendations. insisive cloud doesn’t only provide you with a single recommendation but on all instance types in order to give you the flexibility of how you rationalize these resources based on your business application.

3. Leveraging Reserved Instances

RI is the most underutilized cost saving mechanism. Reserved Instances come at fairly low costs as compared to On Demand instance prices. Most companies use RIs ineffectively and others do not leverage RI because there are too many options to complicate it. It is hard to understand what implications each of these choices would bring.

Insisive cloud simplifies it by providing you historical data analysis and recommendations based on that.

Getting started with insisive cloud is quick and simple. Create a role insisive cloud has been scheduling instances and saving users up to 60% . We will be glad to serve you, just drop an email- info@insisiv.com or give us a missed call on +91 730 365 6936.